SiteNow Modules

All SiteNow modules are easily managed using Add, Edit and Delete functions. All SiteNow tools are intuitive for those who are experienced Internet and Word Processing software users. Many advanced modules have been created for specific client applications and can be adapted for alternative uses depending upon client needs.

Subsections/Navigation Manager

Easily manage your site sub-navigation. Changes you make are automatically updated in the website navigation structure.

Documents/Web Pages

Create and manage web pages with text, images, media, tables, links and more. Create ‘draft’ documents and publish when ready.


The SiteNow donations module enables one-time and recurring donations/contributions directly through your website. Contributions are processed in real-time through*. Includes the ability to view and download donations by date range.  - * processing account required

Message Boards

Message Boards allow you to encourage user feedback on various topics throughout your site and approve user comments that you want to display under each topic.


Encourage visitors to participate in polls throughout your site. After voting, a cookie on their computer prevents users from voting again on that particular poll. (Subject to users browser cookie settings)


The Forms Module lets you create and place interactive web forms throughout your site. You may reuse the same form on any pages in your site. If desired, you may also use PayPal or to collect payment when a form is submitted.


The Events module allows you to build a site wide or section specific calendars. The Events module manages one time, multi-day, weekly, monthly and annually recurring events. The Events module automatically keeps your calendar current by removing (one-time) or re-dating (recurring) expoired events. Includes Links for export to iCal or Outlook.


The Blog module allows the SiteNow admin to setup blog topics and contributors. Blog entries may be displayed chronologically, by contributor and by topic. Includes a blog specific RSS feed.


The Announcements module is used to display important news and announcements in pre-determined highly visible areas on your site.

Related Links

The Related Links module allows you to place links to other websites on your website. Links are easily managed to only show in appropriate sections of the website.


The Download module allows you to upload files such as PDFs, Word, Excel, etc. and make them available for download by site visitors..

Photo Albums

The Photo Album Module allows you to create photo albums and upload photos with captions. You can have unlimited photo albums and control how many thumbnails display per page in each album. Clicking on thumbnails opens lightbox display for ful-size image viewing. The SiteNow system automatically processes jpeg images for optimum physical and file size. No pre-sizing required.

Text Boxes

Text boxes can be placed in the website to be used for any purpose desired by site administrators.

Quote of the Day

The Quote of the day module can be placed into your site to display ‘Today’s Quote’. The quote manager can accept up to 366 quotes with references or attributions.


The employment module allows you to post jobs and display those job postings display in your web site. A resume upload is automatically provided when the job information is accessed. Any resumes uploaded are sent to the email address that is provided for that position.

Business Directory

The business directory is designed for organizations that need to provide a categorical or geographical listing of businesses, sales reps, etc. Each entry can include URL, email addresss, phone number(s), description, and even a logo or photo. A business can be placed in up to six categories.

Dealer Locator

Like the business directory, the Dealer Locator is a categorical listing of businesses, sales reps, etc. However, the Dealer Locator allows the categories to be searched with multiple conditions. E.g. a sales rep, who carries product A but not product B, represents Wyoming, and takes major credit cards could be found when a visitor selects Product A, Wyoming, and Credit Card. The dealer locator also allows each entrant to manage their own information if desired.


The ePostcards module allows you to load up to 6 images that may be sent as ePostcards by your site visitors to others. Cards may contain a personalized message and sent directly from your web site.

Text Ads

The text ad module allows you to sell and manage text advertising on your site. Like Google and others, text ads appear in the side panel of the areas of the site where they are assigned. Text ad click-thrus are counted for reporting and accountability to your advertising customers.


The Multi-Ad module gives you the ability to sell and manage banner, tower and island ads throughout your site and track impressions and clicks for each ad. Ads can be assigned to specific sections or to ‘run of site’.

Press Kits

You may manage and display complete press/media kits in SiteNow. Press Kits may include press releases, fact sheets and photos.

Property System

The property system is the most complex, but most versatile module in the SiteNow system. It allows you to build a database of products (cars, homes, dogs, you name it) that is searchable by their attributes. E.g. homes database may be searchable by Square Footage, # of bedrooms, etc. These attributes are fully configurable by you, and the items in the database are managed fully by you. Properties included may contain photos, links, etc. as well as data.


While not as robust as some high end E-Commerce solutions, the SiteNow eCommerce module is more than enough for most web sites…and it is included free with SiteNow. It allows you to manage products, shipping charges, tax, etc. It connects to several real-time credit card processing services and captures orders for you and your staff to fulfill.

Media Manager

You may easily embed video into your pages from YouTube or any other external source that provides ‘embed’ code.

Embedded Image Galleries

In addition to Stand Alone Photo Albums, SiteNow provides several different methods for displaying multiple images into a web page in random, rotating or selectable displays. Some of the galleries allow for captioning and hyper linking of images to other content in your site to external sites if desired.

Inventory Listing Manager

The inventory Listing Module allows site managers to list any inventoried item(s) with multiple photos, description, contact info, and sortable parameters (e.g. Make, Model, Mileage, etc). Users are able to select desired parameters for their search and all listings that fit the selected parameters are displayed with a thumbnail image and basic info. Clicking on a listing opens a page with all details and photos for that listing.

Site RSS

All SiteNow website include RSS feed for the entire website

Search Engine SiteMap Feed

All SiteNow websites include an automatically created Search engine XML feed to improve site indexing.

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