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TRUE Responsive Content Management

Every web development company knows how to design and build responsive websites. But for clients who want to manage their websites themselves, managing the content in responsive websites has been the challenge...UNTIL NOW

With SiteNow's TRUE RESPONSIVEā„¢ editor, your content will always conform to any modern browser, any screen size, any device. And it's is as easy as "Drag, Drop and Replace."  

Here's a video that shows how easy it is.

what are some of the challenges when managing a responsive website in a typical CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM?

Non-Responsive Images

Content management system users are typically not experts in image editing, nor html and CSS. The result is often images that do not format correctly on smaller screens.SiteNow's TRUE Responsive editor properly formats your images so no matter what screen size or device, your webpages look great.

Content That Does Not Re-Flow

A typical Content Management System use tables to control content layout, but that does not allow content to re-flow when necessary. It takes knowledge and experience with html and CSS to make webpage content flow properly,OR you can use a TRUE Responsive editor that is built to manage content flow for you.

Video That Doesn't Fit

All major online video hosting services (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) make it easy to embed high quality video in our websites, but those videos do not natively display correctly in responsive websites. With the SiteNow TRUE Responsive editor, placing video in a webpage is literally as easy as copying and pasting the video URL, and it is properly sized and formatted.